The Aubrey, the first true boutique hotel in Santiago.

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After you’ve woken up nice and relaxed, start your day by going up the funicular of the Cerro San Cristobal right next door. Then, after taking in the view, pop on over to La Chascona. By this point, you may want to relax a little, so why not stop in Patio Bellavista for a cup of coffee to recharge your batteries? Then, walk through Parque Forestal and Lastarria to see some more of Santiago’s beautiful scenery and architecture. Once you’re hungry for lunch, try the Mercado Central – you’ll already be more than half-way there at this point! Returning to The Aubrey from this point is just 20 minutes by foot, or a just few minutes by taxi.



Cerro San Cristobal: Located just steps away from the hotel, if you are visiting Santiago, one of the highlights has to be the Cerro San Cristobal. The hill of Cerro San Cristobal can be reached by foot, by car via the road or by riding the funicular. Once you arrive there is a final walk to the summit where you will find the with 22 meter statue of the Virgin Mary, an amphitheater and chapel in which John Paul II prayed and blessed the city of Santiago on April 1, 1987. ??Cerro San Cristobal is 300m above the rest of Santiago  There are many photo opportunities to take advantage of.. This is the place  to try something called Mote con huesillo, it was served ice cold. Mote con huesillo is a traditional Chilean summer-time non-alcoholic drink made from wheat and peaches.


National Zoo: Located in the same park as the Cerro San Cristobal, this zoo houses over 1,000 animals. Its hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday, 10:00-13:00 in the morning and 14:30-17:00 in the afternoon.


La Chascona (Pablo Neruda's Home): One of Pablo Neruda’s 3 homes is located right next door to the hotel. Tours are available every day (except Mondays), every 15 minutes, in Spanish, French, German, and English.


The Hop on- Hop off Bus, also known as Turistik, gives you an overview of our city in 2.5 hours. It costs CLP 20.000 (approx. USD 40) per person and you can purchase tickets at the hotel reception. The tickets are valid all day long and there is a stop just outside the hotel. It is a great way to get to navigate and know the historical center and the newer parts of Santiago in one day. No prior reservations needed.


Patio Bellavista: This open-air shopping center, accessible by either Constitución or Pio Nono, has great cafes, restobars,  dance the tango or shop in the many artisanal stores. This is also the best place to stop if you need to withdraw/exchange money at an ATM or an exchange house.

Constitucion and Dardignac Street

Within a few minutes walk, try several of the side walk restaurants, including Azul Profundo, local seafood, Galindo´s the locals choice, and afterwards browse the local art galleries in Dardignac street



Metro Baquedano

Less than 10 minutes walk from the hotel, you can catch the metro to all parts of Santiago including the famous Los Dominicos Chilean artisanal Village (20 minutes). The metro was imported from Paris in the 1980´s and the new section from Barcelona, that is why you may feel a dejavu feeling of being in Europe



Lastarria Street: A 15-20 min walk from the hotel through Parque Forestal, this street has a Soho feel to it with many cafes, restaurants and bars


Parque Forestal: After crossing the Mapocho River, you will find yourself right in the middle of this beautiful green space, perfect for taking a nice walk or run. This route also takes you to Bella Artes museum and Mercado Central and  Mercardo Vega Markets


Mercardo Central Fish Market: Recognized internationally as one of the best markets in the world, here, one can find vendors with all kinds of fish and seafood. This is a great place to stop for lunch, as you can find everything from big, touristy restaurants to smaller, 'hole in the wall' places.

Mercado La Vega: This is one of the best ways to experience the local Chilean life. You will find the freshest produce here. Depending on the season, you can find fruits which are uniquely Chilean. Be aware, of its hustle and bustle


Fine Arts Museum (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes): The outside of this building is as much a piece of art as the items it houses. Entrance to the museum is a bargain and it’s open  every day except Mondays, from 10:00-18:50.


Plaza de Armas: This square is the heart and soul of Santiago. The historic buildings surrounding the area, plus the street vendors and friendly chess matches among locals, make this a must-see location.


Cerro Santa Lucia Hill: A 20-minute walk from the hotel, located right next to the Metro Santa Lucia. Spend a day walking up this hill which has a beautiful park and a viewpoint of Santiago from above.


Santa Lucia Flea Market: This fairly touristy flea market is right across the street from the hill. It’s a great place to get those last-minute/forgotten gifts and souvenirs for friends and family.

La Moneda : You can go to the presidential palace to see the daily changing of guards at 10am. Located below is the Centro Cultural La Moneda, where you can find art exhibits and shops.






Galindo: Located on the corner of Constitución and Dardignac, this very casual spot has plastic tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining. Inside, the décor has a bohemian/Parisian feel, but it takes you right into the honest, Chilean food culture. Great for lunch; the locals’ choice.


La Matea: Purisima 171, Recoleta. Just a few blocks outside of The Aubrey’s neighborhood of Bellavista, this is the place to go for traditional, Chilean empanadas. Again, don’t expect anything fancy except great empandas for take away and either enjoy in the hotel or in the park.


Emporio La Rosa: Located in Parque Forestal, this café is a great place to stop and take in your surroundings. It also happens to have some of the best ice creams in the city! Perfect for cooling off on a hot day or satisfying a sweet tooth.